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What watches do you wear before you dress up for a meeting?

A surprising number of people who ask this question are not seeking outfit types but rather specific details. Dress watches and dive watches belong on the beach, not in suits. Rather, they wonder how they will match Pagani design watches Pakistan.

There are a few other things to consider along with the band or strap when matching the watch with an outfit. When choosing a watch from a small collection, you won’t be quite as careful to match it with the outfit you wear, but there are still some simple things you can do to help make sure your watch-outfit combinations look good.

Determine Your Interest Level in Watches

You will need to match your watches to your outfits based on how much you like watches. If you are only interested in keeping one watch, you should choose the dress code you want to wear, then buy the watch specifically for that purpose. There is only one dress code, so you won’t need to wear a timepiece. If you’ve already bought a nice timepiece, you have reached the end of your journey, though we do say that wearing a watch regularly may encourage your interest in reading on.

Create a Versatile Base Collection of Watches

It is well known that different watches such as the Breitling 1884 watch fit different occasions and that if you are a regular watch wearer, the watch you choose should go well with your outfit to enhance your appearance. By wearing the wrong watch with the wrong outfit, you will appear amateurish and show off.

1. Asimple dress watch with a silver case

Any watch with a slim, fine leather band should be stainless steel, white gold, silver, or rhodium. The straps of the watch should be brown and black, both simple, without any flashy finishes. Avoid bands with flashy patterns such as lizard or alligator, as these do not correspond to the ageless elegance of a dress watch.

The dial of a dress watch is usually rectangular or round in shape, compared to other watches. Simple dials with white, cream, gray, or black faces will be used.

2. Simple dress watch with a gold or rose case

The gold color could be yellow or rose gold, but it should coordinate with any gold accessories you own, such as buckles, clasps, rings, cufflinks, eyeglasses, or pocket accessories (such as money clips). As with the last dress watch, this watch also comes with two bands. Consider buying a second strap for your dress watch if a second dress watch isn’t quite within your budget.  Buy a brown one if the one that comes with it is black, and vice versa.

3. A Casual or Sports Watch

Rather than being very flamboyant (yellow, red, orange, etc. ), the face of this watch would feature basic colors like black or navy. Metal bracelets or dark straps would be ideal. A water-resistant watch should offer any complication the wearer may require (chronograph, for instance).  Metal bracelets work well with diving and sports watches. The versatility of your sports watches can be extended almost to any casual outfit by purchasing a second watch with a canvas band.

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4. A Personal Timepiece

Any watch you’d like, whether it’s a dress watch, diving watch, flight watch, or any other watch, you can show off your style with a personal watch. Limitations do not exist! The watch you just saw probably caught your attention. You wear it when everything falls into place and matches. If possible, you will use it to accentuate your outfit rather than force it on it.

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A simple guide of prices can help you to select your watch faster and there are celebrities who are fond of different kinds of watches and keep rare quality and rare design watches to look more trendy in fashion.

Match the Watch to the Dress Code

Choosing the perfect watch for your outfit should be determined primarily by the dress code or situation in which you are going to wear it since your choice of clothes will also depend on this factor. Identify your outfit first, and then select the socks, shoes, and cufflinks you want to wear with it so that your ensemble is appropriate for the environment you’ll be in. A rule of thumb is to reach for a dress watch like a Mont Blanc watch first when wearing a jacket.


Before you go and make a purchase. You must understand that watches go with trends and you could have matching straps with your dress, shoes or belt. Celebrities in Pakistan keep extensive and rare design watches in their collection and match it with their dressing.

You must keep an eye on watches before they run out, a lazy guide of buying watches in 2021 helps you to look more trendy.

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