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Watches And COVID-19: Things To Know About Washing And Safety

Today’s condition is panic because of coronavirus everybody’s in fear of whether he washed his hands or not or since how long it’s been to wash hands. Several questions arise in mind about hygiene since the disease spreads in the whole world. We are connected to the everyday routine things we wear on like jewellery, watches, etc. what if these are getting damaged by the alcoholic sanitizers. You should understand few things before washing your hands for better health. Royal Watches, running the leading online store for luxury watches in Pakistan, has some useful tips for you;

Wearing Watches

Because coronavirus is spreading on a large scale, it is recommended if you are going outside, then you better not to wear jewellery or watches. They can also be contaminated along with your hands, and you may not notice it. You just washed your hands and didn’t realize you haven’t washed your ring or bracelet etc. Some watches are waterproof; you should wash along with your hands. Any advice for the regular wearing is to avoid jewellery in this current situation, so a lot of hand washing shouldn’t irritate.

Do Not Remove Watches Until Washing Or Clean Them

Sometimes we unintentionally remove watches and rings etc. to wash hands then wear those ornaments back as it by not knowing that you have contaminated your hands again. So disinfect the things you wear and then wear them again. If you cannot do it time and again, then it’s better not to wear them until the virus threat is gone.

Hand Sanitizer’s Effects On Watches

Hand washing and sanitizing can have significant damage to your expensive jewellery or watches. Hand sanitizer consists of alcohol that can dry out the screen and damage the surface or cracking it. You better not to take a risk by removing the watch from contaminated hands and wear back.

Moisturizing Your Hands

Dry and cracked hands are easy to catch germs, so moisturizing your hands with some lotion is a good idea after washing hands or sanitize them. Some time screams are not suitable for your ring’s stones and can collect debris behind it. Those can irritate the skin later or the low flow of air can cause the moisture trap behind the ornament. Just like the way when you wash your hands wearing your watch, if it is water-resistant, then it may also possible the water doesn’t reach under watch.

Clean With A Watch-Friendly Spray

A watch-friendly spray or disinfectant you can use to clean your watch is a good idea. It will keep you safe from coronavirus and being the reason for its spread. You can get an online disinfectant of any medicated company that is good for jewellery or other ornaments.


Water-resistant watches have no issue if you are washing your hands time and time again but can low down the texture of the glass of the watch. It is recommended not to remove the watch with contaminated hands and then wash hands and put back the infected watch.

It is hard to get outside but you can always buy watches online in Pakistan from the Royal Watches. Just visit our website and check out the latest models from the biggest brands. For more details, give us a call at  0300-8207747.

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