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Top 7 Trendy Pagani Watches To Buy In 2021

Pagani design watches in Pakistan are getting fame among men’s and women’s most trending watches. Many artistic branded wrist watches adore fashionable men and women with heavy and delicate dials and complement their personalities. Pagani has created unique and attractive masterpieces that have become a valuable fashion accessory for women to flaunt with their dresses. The high-end luxury style and design of these watches have become trendy and made them jewelry for women.

1. Pagani Design 1639

When you look at this model,RSH-PAG-1639, you can see it hasan automatic movement of black dial, and the chain is made of high-quality stainless steel. The back case is transparent, and the front glass is sapphire crystal with a screwed crown on top. Its weight is 170gm and silver color comes in six-month warranty.

2. Pagani Design PD1639

RSH-PAG-1639BPagani has an automatic movement with a beautiful blue dial and stainless steel chain and case. Its back case is transparent and has a screwed crown. The dial’s diameter is 43mm, weighs 170gm, and has two color tones in a six-month warranty.

3. Pagani Design Classic Diving Series

It is a ravishing model RSH-PG-967 of Pagani made of stainless steel high-quality material and does not fade the color. It has Swiss quartz movement with chronograph and crystal glass display with a diameter of 44mm dial and weighs 162gm. This watch in Pakistan comes in six-month warranty silver in color.

4. PAGANI DESIGN Mechanical Steel Men Skeleton

It is a men’s watch model. It is RSH-PG-P21 with good quality automatic movement and a black dial. It has a stylish stainless steel chain with the front case made of steel, and the back is transparent. Because it’s a men’s watch so heavy and weighs 200gm, the diameter is 46mm and screwed crown on top.

5. Pagani Design PD-1658

Pagani has manufactured many styles, and designs for everyone as its automatic movement makes it fabulous along with high-quality stainless steel make. Model RSH-PAG-1658 comes in black with a six-month warranty and weighs 165gm.

6. PAGANI DESIGN Men’s Mechanical High-Quality Leather Military Sports

It is an RSH-PG-P9 with a black leather strap and automatic black dial, and transparent back case. Its display is of sapphire crystal and diameter size 42mm looks great and mechanical.

7. Pagani Design PD-1617

Pagani design watches in Pakistan are mostly automatic with chronographs as the model RSH-PAG-1617B has a black dial and high-quality stainless steel strap and front-back cases. The watch weighs 180gm with 43mm diameter and comes in a six-month warranty.

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People used to wear it by time telling, but over the last few years this trend has changed. People now wear it for fashion, or to look more classy. But This might be the biggest obstacle in your life where you are so confused about  what to wear on your new year eve or in 2021. Don’t worry, this guide on top 7 pagani watches under Rs 10,000 will help you to make your decision very crystal clear. 

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