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Carrera: TAG Heuer’s Legendary Chronograph Watch

There is a legendary relationship between watches and motorsports since you may have many options for chronograph watches like (Rolex Daytona, TAG Heuer Carrera, and Tissot T-touch). The Carrera watches are the most legendary and iconic models of the brand, and it all started when Jack Heuer attended a famous motorsport event in Mexico.


Carrera watches were introduced in 1963 for the first huer line with its name brand as in evolutionary terms of the design of Heuer. The sleek and unique design inspired by the chronographs of the 1940s and 50s. Jack Heuer, who was the inventor of the brand, wanted to create a legible brand as he wasn’t much interested in chronographs of that era. He designed the thin bezel of the watch with print 1/5 sec scale which allowed for a simple and clean look but with bigger dial. It was declared as best looking chronographs ever made.

Brand Name

The watch brand name was declared to keep in mind the motorsports fans who love motor racing, so the name was followed back by the race event called Le Carrera Panamericana took place in Mexico in the 1950s. There were the most excellent drivers from around the world who participated in the deadly race. Being a motorsports lover jack huer taken the Spanish name Carrera which means (career or track) to register for his next invention of the new watch.

The Carrera established for two centuries of the 70s and 80s went through different changes in designs, but in 90 century it was forgotten as the name Carrera lost its presence on the dial. Since the late 90s, when TAG Heuer introduced, it was acknowledged that the roots of the brand had lost its value, so they relaunched a classic series of watches.

Reissue of the Brand Name

The Carrera watches reissues and styled the same as the original from 1964 since it has become the TAG Heuer’s flagship model with enormous variations. The characteristics of the watch define the perfect vintage model of the old-time, whether it is new or old.

An Uncluttered Design

The Carrera watches are advanced with luxury materials as Jack Heuer informed the TAG Heuer Carrera’s easy to read dial with simple, sober and superfluous. Watches are legendary whit optimal legibility at high speed and work in all lighting conditions so elegantly intertwine with aesthetic and functionality.

Measure Top Speeds with the Tachymeter

The watch has a tachymeter for sports look and to determine the rate of the car, and you can check the car speed by triggering the chronograph at first point then stop it on 1-kilo meter. Now you can check the car speed on the bezel of the watch.

Science & Art

With the advanced technology powering the TAG Heuer Carrera flagship is the Heuer 02. That has an automatic column-wheel chronograph movement built-in with 80 hours of power reserve.

Challenges to TAG Heuer

Since 160 years of successful career TAG Heuer never followed but led by making its own rules and driving watchmaking into uncharted territories. Though the timepieces are not traditional entirely but true representatives of design and engineering.

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